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Smart Studio

Owning a world-class studio facility has never been more possible.

The result of 10 years of research and development, Smart Studio is the fastest, most consistent and cost-effective recording studio builder in 2021. Smart Studio combines the expertise of sister company iAcoustics’ acousticians, an in house building team, and an innovate off-site modular production method.

The use of off-site construction to improves quality, price, and lead times.

A traditional design-build with the architect, the acoustic consultant, quantity surveyor, M&E consultant and builder all rolled into one.

The Smart Studio system, in a nutshell, is a modular approach to traditional studio delivery. Some of the many benefits offered are a fixed cost, a complete & warrantied delivery (inc electrics/lighting) and a quick and accurate program time (as little as two weeks for a room).

Crucial to Smart Studio is the experience of our acousticians (Working as part of acoustic consultancy iAcoustics), specialised in-house installation/production team, and modern production facility.

To get this level of capability rolled in one, from design to delivery, is a real value proposition, one that gives peace of mind when investing in a new studio.


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