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Meet Kevin Kaiser

Kevin Kaiser has been in the music business his whole life.

Starting out at an early age as a professional musician in 1984, Kevin moved his family to Los Angeles, where he worked with Charlie Bolois at Vertigo Recording Service as Chief Technician. During these 23 years, Kevin worked with all of the top studio architects, designers, and acoustic engineers for many of the elite Hollywood stars in their personal studios. Kevin and Charlie Bolois were published in Mix Magazine LA Grapevine series.

In 2005, Kevin Kaiser started Kaiser Comm Construction, where he honed his building skills with custom log homes. In 2010, KCC built with Plant Construction Inc. Chuchupate Ranger Station, leading him into commercial and government work.

In 2012, Kaiser Comm Construction Inc. started building recording studios in Los Angeles, where they have become one of the top builders in recording studios and post production facilities.

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